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August Monthly Results – Laguna Lake 27 Holes Random Doubles

August’s, 2012, 27 Hole Disc Golf Monthly Results.


Random Doubles, Best Disc Format.


1st Place: John Sr & John Jr : -15

Payout: $100!!!


2nd. Place: Peter and Brad : -13

Payout: $50!!!





First Laguna Weekly With The New Tags (Renewal Event)! Drew Takes It Down!!!

First Weekly Renewal Event of 2012… Odd-Man Singles at Laguna Lake Disc Golf Course.  New Tags #1 – #9 were issued!!!

-8: Drew

-7: Clayde

-6: Jay

-5: Shaun St Arnaud

-4: Brian Anderson

-2: Steve

-1:  Mark Farrar

+5: Noah and Lanie (Epic 2 hole playoff!)


5 Old Top Tags were recorded and used for free play (Do not challenge for these old tags!):

Tag #3:Mark, Tag#7:Shaun, Tag#10:Jay, Tag#14:Drew and Tag#30:Brian.


Still plenty of old tags out there… #30 was a Top 5, so be sure to bring yours out!

Weekly Round-Up: 7/18/12 Random Dubs & Last Weekly w/ the 2011-2012 Bag Tags!

15 Players and well balanced random teams.. June Gloom and No Wind! The winner goes to… Jon and Jay with a bombing -9!!!


JR & Drew / Brian & JJ tied w/ -6.. (Playoff CTP went with Brian & JJ)


Taylor & Noah shot a -4; Lanie & Clayde shot a -3; Dan P and Mack /  shot a -2; Dan & Alex shot a -2 and Oddman Steve shot a -1.


Good Times!


Laguna Tuesdays… 3 Way Skins Tie!

5/8/2012 Laguna Tuesday Weekly… Random Doubles, Skins For Payout…

3 Way Tie w/ One Skin Each!  Good Times…

Heilmann Weekly Round-Up, 2/18/2012, 22 players & Epic Playoff

First Heilmann Weekly of 2012 was an Epic Success!!!



Singles Format, 22 players (9 Pros, 14 Ams), 4 Top Tags on the scene $100+ Prize Purse…



Course Setup was a fun mix of Pro Long and Ace Race Shorties (Thanks Don!)… and the Scores were spread out from a -2 to a +21.  There was a 5 way tie for best score (4 Pros & 1 Am) @ -2: Erik Barker, Adam Stowe, Mark Farrar, Brian Anderson and Justin Armstrong (clinching first place in the Am Division!).  Pros Played Off and 1st & 4th Place were decided on Hole #2 and 2nd & 3rd Place were decided several holes later.

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